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What is a matchmaking event?

Researching online before booking a vacation can be seen as a common habit of customers nowadays. In this context, Recommender Systems RSs are aiming to support the customers to find the right products, but they face domain specific challenges since tourism products are typically very complex and related to emotional experiences. To counteract these challenges, comprehensive user models for capturing the preferences and personality of travellers have been introduced.

One of these models is the so-called Seven-Factor Model. This paper introduces an automated way for determining the Seven-Factor representation of tourism destinations to enable a matchmaking for RSs. In particular, exploratory data analysis, cluster analysis, and regression analysis are conducted not only to find a mapping of destinations onto the Seven-Factors, but also to foster a better understanding of the relationship between destination attributes and the Seven-Factors.

Chengdu. 13th EU—China Business and Technology Cooperation Fair. Venue: Various. Panda Base & City Tour. Business and Cluster Visits. September 12th.

The web is a big showcase for tourism. Nowadays, many tourists plan their trips in advance using the information available in web pages. Cities compete against each other to offer the most attractive and complete information and services through the tourism section of their web sites. This competition often leads to information-bloated and multimedia-rich web sites which resemble digital versions of printed brochures. Every potential visitor is served with the same information on the web, regardless of his profile.

On the other hand, when visitors enter a tourism office in the real world, they can obtain customized information and recommendations based on their profile and desires. CRUZAR is a web application that uses expert knowledge in the form of rules and ontologies and a comprehensive repository of relevant data instances to build a custom route for each visitor profile. Tourism officials often desire to provide attractive and innovative services to promote the city, its tourism infrastructure and to increase the number of visitors.

On the other hand, administrations, like city councils, would like to extract the most profit from the IT resources they already have. However, the deployment of new added value services is often hampered by the issue of integrating data coming from different sources and parties. Moreover, recent history of the Web has shown increased value of contextualized services and targeted information. We demonstrate how semantic technologies can fulfill both aspects of the challenge: data integration and user contextualization.

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Springer Professional. Back to the search result list. Table of Contents. Hint Swipe to navigate through the chapters of this book Close hint. The latter directly depends on the quality of the matchmaking process, i. To achieve this goal, an innovative approach is introduced that matches tourist profiles with the characteristics of tourism objects in order to obtain a ranked list of appropriate objects for a particular tourist.

Investment Readiness Workshop for Sustainable Tourism Companies at EBN Congress Innovation & Matchmaking tour to Brazil – ENRICH Brazil. 8 Jul

Better travel means a shift away from aggregated travel — the easy-to-book, frequent, low-value, one-size-fits-all style of travel that dominates today. Better travel is a move towards a less frequent but more personalised, deliberately-planned, higher value style of travel. In essence, better travel requires smarter matchmaking, new financial solutions and environmental guardianship. Additionally, the travel industry was already experiencing heavy disruption by overseas-owned aggregators such as Google moving into travel retailing and, in many ways, monopolising travellers.

These disruptions have created a significant opportunity for New Zealanders to re-think and re-shape the future of travel. As a nation, we are in a unique and privileged position to be relatively COVID-free, allowing us to build and test solutions locally before scaling globally. Up to six ventures will be accepted and will work closely with experienced mentors and investors who have built, advised, and sold companies in tourism and other sectors related to the theme of better travel.

Lightning Lab has partnered with Tourwriter , an award-winning Kiwi tourism-tech company that brings knowledge, connections, hands-on mentoring, and investment. As part of their commitment to better travel, Tourwriter is presently developing an online itinerary marketplace that could potentially work in conjunction with solutions developed through the programme. The world has changed and the team behind Tourism Accelerator have had to adapt and pivot like so many organisations across New Zealand and the world.

Scale The programme has been reduced from 8—10 teams to 4—6 teams. Programme team The programme is being delivered jointly by Lightning Lab and Tourwriter. Location The programme is still based in Wellington, but will also be delivered virtually so teams from outside Wellington do not need to relocate.

The benefits of a matchmaking session

The International Tourism Trade Fair Holiday World is the most important tourism and travelling event not just in Czechia, but also in the whole Central European region. The fair will again cover offers and choices from all over the world. The Czech regions will offer a range of new tourist experiences and a huge number of travel agencies there will present the most up-to-date offers of adventure.

It is intended not only to exhibitors but also especially to visitors who want to find new international business partners effectively.


Join our community and connect with the other regional actors exchanging on interregional cooperation. When you register, you will have access to additional services including the platform helpdesk and the possibility to contact your peers in the platform community. During such a session, peers are invited to come together to discuss and exchange on a specific territorial and thematic topic of interest. You will receive recommendations based on experience and expertise. Usually, a matchmaking session lasts around two hours and provides the opportunity to build lasting relationships.

It can be conducted in person or online.

Tourism Accelerator 2020

Our new partner database provides opportunities for people who have exciting tourism development ideas to link up. If you have a project that requires partnership in one or both of the other participating countries, this is the perfect way to find the right people who can help you make it happen. Email us with your project idea, your contact details and the kind of partner or partners you are looking for.

You can choose to make your contact details public, or we can keep them private and forward any requests on to you.

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ITB Berlin is one of the worlds most import travel trade fair! It attracts more than Consequently, it represents an ideal place to organise an international matchmaking bringing together actors along the entire value chain. This time around it will be fourth time that Enterprise Europe Network Berlin-Brandenburg organises this event in close cooperation with the Cluster Tourism Brandenburg.

Since the Tourism Cluster as well as the Healthcare industries Clusters and ICT idnustries Cluster are important cooperations partners main topics will be aligned according to their main fields of activity. Top Legal notice Cookies Contact information Site map. Skip to main content. Search form Search. Enterprise Europe Network.

Back to search results. International matchmaking for tourism business at ITB Event type:. Location country:. Location city:.

Ontology-Based Matchmaking to Provide Personalized Recommendations for Tourists

Many companies offer playful innovation training, others travel from one innovation fair to the next. We offer you collaborative innovation by bringing you methodically together with matching start-ups and innovators. The organization was excellent, and the meetings with startup managers provided us with some important insights.

This paper introduces an automated way for determining the Seven-Factor representation of tourism destinations to enable a matchmaking for.

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III Tourism Business Matchmaking of the Pacific Alliance 2016