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Ultimate Dating Package

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This module is fully compatible with SocialEngine standard themes and YouNet themes; If you use a custom template, please submit ticket in the Client Area to.

There is a free version. SocialEngine offers a free trial. See additional pricing details below. SocialEngine by Webligo. Product Details SocialEngine PHP is a social network platform that lets you create a custom branded social network right out of the box. SocialEngine PHP gives you a simple, unbranded network that you can customize in any way.

SocialEngine vs Elgg vs Dolphin vs PhpFox – Comparison of 4 popular social networking scripts

Metro Template 4. Want something new and refreshing? How about Full-width template for SocialEngine social network?

Services: SocialEngine Community – Social Network – Dating Site – Community Site – SocialEngine New SocialEngine PHP (Version 5) Theme is Out now!

It is said that the First Impression is the Last Impression and for a website, its first impression are its Looks and Visual Appearance. So, the first impression of your website should be good enough to leave an impression on your visitors and turn them into the uses of your website. Dating sites are very popular these days, but a dating website should have different visual effects. This theme can not only be used on dating website but also on website which are developed around peace, love, care and prayers.

This theme is highly configurable and comes with 2 Header options, so you can easily make any modifications from the admin panel. Directories are must haves for your website and are very important in the world of Social Media as with directories you can have anything you image on your website like directories of pets, projects, colleges, products, profiles, classifieds, recipes, places, books, online directory, businesses, stores, restaurants, brands, services, night clubs, musicians, models, schools, etc.

Page Directories plugin provide you all the features and tools to have robust, interactive and fully customizable directory system on your SocialEngine website. With this plugin you can create detailed and rich listing pages which can have page roles, photos, services, custom fields, multiple locations, multi-posting options, crossposting, post attribution, operating hours, members, price, linking with other pages, cover photo, profile photo, Page dashboard, etc.

This plugin also has SEO settings to be configured for each directory listing which will enhance the search capabilities of your website in various search engines. Based on the Member Level of users you can choose the video sources, auto-approval of videos and many other settings. With the rich admin panel and widgets, you can configure this plugin as per your requirements.

Do you want to monetize from the Pages on your website, then here comes the Packages for Allowing Page Creation Extension using which you can enable Packages for creating Pages on your website. With this Extension you can allow the members of your site to create Page only after subscribing to at-least one of the packages which can be made – Free or Paid.


Since social networking sites have increased in popularity in recent years and a lot of sites decide to incorporate social networking features within their site. There are many scripts that will allow you to create your own social network within your website. But it can be difficult to gain a truly comparative insight into what each product has to offer. If you are having trouble deciding which one best fits your needs, then a direct comparison is often exactly what you need.

It is a bright, youth template similar to the popular social network netlog, will YouDate Template is designed as an Online Dating Template.

The Cyanea Template enriched with adorable blue color scheme complemented with white colored text in the top and background area. The template will completely change all standard SE layout and style. Due numerous requests from our customers we have released this theme for SocialEngine 4. The theme design was improved as well new header, background and more.

Quantity :. Installation service : We provide our customers with paid installation service of this SocialEngine4 theme. If you have any difficulties feel free to contact us and we will help you. The price is only 15usd.

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Dating sites for disability Over fifty dating agency in dubai. Oasis dating phone Socialengine dating plugin. The mask dating Dating site theme for wordpress.

Social networking software provides the technological basis for community driven content sharing and social networking. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Yes Yes? Extensible via plugins, widgets, tasks, events, REST; skinnable; available in many languages Community and collaboration platform with many integrated core applications Drupal Elgg GPL 2. Extensible via plugins with a flexible API; skinnable; available in many languages? Users, Groups No Component Component? Plugin Plugin Plugin Yes?

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SocialEnginePro Core 4. SocialEnginePro Core module is Free module for socialengine and is required for all our plugins. It contains the functions needed to run our plugins and for ease viewing and upgrading our products. Features Header menu with MORE button and Ajax-based friends widget: adding More button and shows in dropdown menu which didn’t fit in 1 line. You may control how items in menu you would like to show.

New SocialEngine Version 5 Theme is Out now! Checkout the The Meet Pro, is a SocialEngine 5 PHP theme, highly suitable for dating The Meet Pro, is a.

There are many Dating Scripts available on the market. Our development team has successfully installed profiles on servers running any of those scripts. Although dating scripts have profile import capabilities, we tend to ignore those and upload profiles directly into the database and the server file structure order to undertake classifier matching. Most modern dating scripts allow you setup your profile fields.

It is possible to add more genders, such as gay couples, relationships and marital status as well as add new fields. Many scripts allow plugins be installed that allow for different fields and values. Before we upload your profiles, we download your database structure on our production server and match classifiers. After matching, we start the conversion and get SQL dumps that need uploading into your database including archives of photos.

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